CrazyUncleBurton's Policy on Copyrighted Material


Crazy Uncle Burton spent many thousands of hours creating the videos, projects, writings and images seen on these pages.

You are welcome to use anything you find on this site for personal use at no cost. If you find something to be inaccurate, please tell me so that I can correct it.

Personal use means that you can use the information for yourself, but you can't reproduce the information in any way, shape or form. A link to my site is fine, but don't copy the information and put it on your website, don't print them and give them to your friends, don't sell them, and don't sell anything based on the information on this site.

If you've got an idea for making money with them, I want half of the profit plus one of whatever gets produced (books, posters, kitchen cabinets, electronics, I don't care what it is, I want one). Otherwise, I will personally come to your home or place of business and kick your ass. I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would do this, and expect this to happen if they were to steal someone else's property, intellectual or otherwise.

Use of the information or images contained within these pages constitutes acceptance of the above terms (including the ass-kicking).

-- CrazyUncleBurton

A Note from Crazy Uncle Burton: Parts and Repair Click Here Click Here closed circa 2015.