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The Electronics Module


The electronics thing is the square gold block with fins


Rear view of the electronics module



Module inputs:

SS - Speed Sensor

BB - Brakes (the switches located in the brake lever housings)

TT - Opti sensor going to left side of gear case. 3 Wires.

KK - Keyswitch and On/Off Switch (there are two of these connectors)

TH - 2 wire connector coming from the motor.

3 wires coming from the battery connector

Gray ribbon cable coming from self-test switch


Module Outputs:

Two motor wires

Gray ribbon cable going to battery level module


The Self-test mode:

Note:  The manual warns against trying to ride the bike while the electronics module is in S/T mode.  The Power Activated Pedaling and VPC Throttle won't work and damage could occur to the bike or rider.

To place the electronics module into self-test mode, turn the key switch to "On" and the handlebar power switch to "On".  Then push the "S/T" button (left of the power level LEDs on the early model, and on the back of the late model below the 8-pin connector) until two beeps sound.  Release the "S/T" switch.

While in the self-test mode, it is possible to test the function of the motor torque sensor, the rear wheel rotation sensor, the switches in the brake levers, and the VPC control.

To test the torque sensor: 

Hold the rear wheel and apply pressure to one of the pedals.  The LEDs should respond by lighting 1-5 LEDs in proportion to the amount of torque applied.

To test the rear wheel rotation sensor:

Turn the rear wheel.  The speaker should beep once every time one of the magnets in the left side of the rear wheel passes by the rear wheel rotation sensor.

To test the brake switches:

Pull the left brake lever.  The speaker should beep while the lever is pulled and stop when the lever is released. Then pull the right brake lever.  The speaker should beep while the lever is pulled and stop when the lever is released.

To test the VPC control (the throttle):

Turn the VPC control slowly.  As the control is turned, a proportional number of lights should light.

To cancel the "S/T" mode, turn the key switch to "Off". 


The Sleep Mode:

The manual says not to leave the bike standing with the power and key switches turned on because power will be drained faster.  If the bike is left unattended with the power turned on, it will beep and then enter a "Sleep Mode" after approximately 10 minutes to conserve power.  To "Wake" the bike up after this happens, apply either left or right brake lever, then ride as normal.


The Cruise Mode:

If the throttle (VPC) is held in one position for ten or more seconds, a constant rate of power will be maintained and the cruise light will illuminate.  Once the cruise control is engaged, the throttle may be released.  To cancel cruise control, twist the throttle, stop pedaling and/or apply one of both brakes.


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