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by Bryan A. Thompson

Last Updated 2/10/2003



Until I started thinking about the electrical energy I was consuming, I was becoming more and more dependant on electrical energy.  It turns out that with some basic changes to my activity schedule and a few other small changes, it was possible to eliminate 75% of the amount of electrical energy I needed.

Electrical Energy Requirements (or as an Excel file) - This is an itemized list of electrical energy consumed by everything in my apartment



Generator - Information on choosing a generator, Review of my Honda EU2000i, etc.

Solar - Electricity and Water Heating

Wind - Under Construction

Gravity and Hydro-Electric - Under Construction

Human-Powered Generators - Under Construction

Fuel Cells - The Ultimate in quiet power generation - Under Construction


Energy Storage Devices




Power Distribution

The Emergency Power Distribution System - power distribution for those of us who rent

Wires, Extension Cords and other Transmission Lines - Why extension cords suck and what you can do about it



Inverters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies


Energy Efficient Electrical Devices




Modular power systems, Intelligent Loads and Power Supplies - Under Construction



Electrical energy obtained from generators is a lot less efficient than when the generator fuel is used directly.  It requires two conversions to convert the fuel to a usable form.  Therefore consumption of electricity should be avoided wherever it's possible to use the fuel another way.

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