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Emergency Energy Sources

by Bryan A. Thompson

Last Updated 2/13/2003



Where to find energy around the house after a blackout or other emergency occurs and you're not prepared.


Emergency Energy Sources


Candles, matches, lighters, flashlights, glow sticks

Heating and Cooling

If you have hot water, you can heat by taking a shower or bath or making a hot water bottle.  Don't try to use the BBQ grill to heat the house.  You can burn newspapers when rolled into log shapes in the fireplace. 

If you have cold water, you can cool off by taking a cold shower or bath.  Don't open the refrigerator unless absolutely necessary - all the cold air will spill out when the door is opened.


dry cell batteries, the car battery, the lawnmower battery, anything solar, one of those wind-up flashlight/radios, etc.


The BBQ grill (charcoal or propane), firewood, Sterno, alcohol, a camping stove, gas from the car or mower.


A dog, a shotgun, dry-cell batteries or rechargeables that can be charged from the car battery


Walk, hitch, bicycle, carjack, etc.

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