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by Bryan A. Thompson

Last Updated 2/10/2003



Alarm Systems, some CO Detectors and some Smoke Alarms are powered by grid power rather than battery power.  Crime increases during blackouts and other emergencies for lots of reasons - because alarm systems aren't working, police are busy doing other things, and in general people become both jealous and angry because you were smart enough to prepare for whatever has just happened and they weren't. 


Smoke and CO Detectors

These really need to be replaced or augmented by battery powered models.


Alarm Systems

These usually have battery backups of some form, but if you live in a bad neighborhood, you should look at methods of backing up the power to the alarm system and sensors. 



In case it's necessary to call 911, you might want to spend some time preparing your communications systems for emergencies.  Click here for more information.

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