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Wood Energy

by Bryan A. Thompson

Last Updated 2/12/03


C6H10O5 + 6O2  --> 6CO2 + 5H2O

Cellulose  + Oxygen  -->  Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy



Wood is a cheap renewable source of energy, but it isn't without its problems.


Energy, Density, Weight, etc

See the Fuel Comparison Chart (or as an Excel File) for more information.


Energy Efficiency and Energy Costs

See the Energy Efficiency Comparison Chart (or as an Excel File) for more information about how the generator compares to other forms of energy consumption.

In general, wood stoves are about 80% efficient.  You get 80% of the input energy in the form of usable heat.  The other 20% goes up the flue.


Cost to Store Wood

$10 for a tarp, and the space to store 128 cu ft per cord.


Storage Information

Wood should be seasoned for 6 months before being used.  It should be kept dry.


Amount to Store for an extended outage

First do an energy usage survey for heating energy needs.  Determine the number of BTU or Kilowatt Hours you'll need per day and multiply by the number of days you want to plan for.  Then figure that in an energy efficient stove, you'll need about 1 cord for every 24,000,000 BTU of heat energy. 



An axe and wagon are probably useful here.  Pellet stoves have automatic feeders and don't require either.  Pellet stoves do require a small amount of electricity for the feeder and fan. 

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