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Knockdown Workbench

by Bryan A. Thompson

Created 3/8/2003

Last Updated 3/9/2003

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My workshop space is extremely limited and doesn't allow for a large, strong, permanent, and affordable workbench for woodworking projects.  I needed a way to set up the workbench quickly and that would disassemble quickly and store in a minimal amount of space. 

I designed this project to be a cheap, strong workbench that can be assembled by one person in just a few minutes.  It does not require fasteners of any kind - it is made entirely from two 4'x8' sheets of MDF.  The pieces are interlocking - they assemble just like Lincoln Logs.  It has storage areas for my assembled table saw, power tools and shop vac. 



This is a picture of the assembled table. 


Parts List



Cut List

I made mine entirely using a cheap Craftsman 10" table saw with a panel cutting jig and 3/4" dado blade.  It could be made with a 7" circular saw and a straightedge, too.



Assembly Notes