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Sturdy Knockdown Workbench

by Bryan A. Thompson

Created 3/19/2003

Last Updated 3/20/2003



First I designed the Knockdown Workbench, built from only two sheets of MDF.  Then I decided I needed a larger bench that would have a pegboard back, and that would allow me to work on much heavier projects. 

This work bench was designed to be built cheaply (~$70) from ten 4x4x96" landscaping timbers, one sheet of MDF, and one sheet of 1/4" pegboard.  It utilizes 4x4s joined using lap and half-lap joints for strength.  These joints are bolted together using 3/8"x3" long carriage bolts which are recessed on both ends to prevent injury (similar to how playground equipment is constructed).  The pegboard and MDF top are slotted into the pegboard frame.  I maintained the ability to quickly disassemble the bench for easy storage (it occupies 84"x7"x96" when partially disassembled, and 96"x33"x7" when completely disassembled).  This will be a very heavy bench when assembled, and should be able to hold several-thousand-pound projects.



10 - 4x4x96" landscaping timbers              $22.70

1 sheet 1/4" pegboard                            $12.70

1 sheet 3/4" MDF                                   $16.90

24 - 3/8"-16 x 3" carriage bolts                  $7.75

6 - 3/8"-16 x 7" carriage bolts                    $3.00

30 - 3/8"-16 lock nuts                              $3.50

30 - 3/8" washers                                    $3.50

Total                                                   $70.05


Tools Required

10" Circular saw / miter saw / table saw, or a hand saw and chisel

7/8" Wood drill

1 1/8" wood drill

Drill motor

tape measure










I plan to make four major sub-assemblies - two legs, the pegboard back, and the top.  The legs will bolt onto the pegboard holder.  The horizontal top supports will drop into place and be held down by the top.


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