The Stories of My Life

"You should write that down - it would make a great book!"
Here you go:


Peggy and Terry's House - A photo workshop that changed my life

Merry Christmas Anyway - The Thompson Family Christmas 2005

Lap Dances Are Scary - A wedding and mud bog race, for my best friend Debra

The Stealing Of The Cows - The story of my senior year at Grandview High

Picking Up Chicks With Your Grandmother - A weird baseball game

The Road Trip - The family Trans Am heads for Dogpatch, USA

Living Off-Grid in an Apartment - Livin' the Dream Off-Grid

Seinfeld Stories - Original Episodes based on Bryan's life

Daily Stories - Bryan's Daily Web Log


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10/28/2011: Added Crazy Uncle Burton steel target plans - click here!

10/24/2011: Added Seven Dollar Target plans - click here!