What's Crazy Uncle Burton up to?



84-89 Corvette Electronics Repair Video Series




Quadcopter Crashes into Tree Again




Big Spring, Van Buren, Missouri




Alley Spring Mill, Eminence, Missouri




Falling Spring Waterfall, Missouri




Rocky Falls Waterfall, Eminence, Missouri




Dillard Mill and Waterfall, Missouri




Greer Spring and Cave, Missouri




Removing Dust Spots using Photoshop CS5




Tannerite Disintegrates Fridge




Sparkler Bomb Sets Neighbors Yard On Fire




Filming my Cat with my Quadcopter




Quadcopter - High Altitude




Quadcopter Gets Stuck in a Tree




Quadcopter Crash




One Big Jerk - Fixing A Light Pole




Rent It From Walmart




Picking a Master Lock In 10 Seconds




Carving Pumpkins With Various Firearms




Cleaning Up The Range




AR-15 Shooting More Propane Cylinders




An Introduction To The Seven Dollar Portable Target


Click Here for Free Plans and Info



Shooting Propane Balloons




Filling A Balloon With Propane




Fail! Shooting A Propane Tank Backfires On Us




AR-15 vs A Can Of Axe Twist Body Spray




AR-15 Shooting A Propane Tank HD




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10/28/2011: Added Crazy Uncle Burton steel target plans - click here!

10/24/2011: Added Seven Dollar Target plans - click here!



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