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by Bryan A. Thompson

Last Updated 2/12/2003



It's a great idea to take care of insulation issues before emergencies happen.  Then it will require less energy to heat or cool your house and save you money in the process. 


Insulation Ideas

Things that help insulation are weather stripping around doors and windows, storm windows, expanding foam in exterior cracks and around electrical boxes, more insulation in the attic, wrap an insulation blanket around the hot water heater, insulate HVAC ducts, etc.


Efficiency and Energy Losses

You can look at a house, a refrigerator, battery, or energy storage device.  It doesn't make sense to talk about the efficiency of these devices - they aren't supposed to consume any energy.  Since there are energy losses, they are 0% efficient.  However, the more insulation you have, the less energy you'll lose.

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