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Guide to interpreting Bryan's stories

Anything in brackets, eg. <Jerry enters>, are intended to inform the reader of happenings in the scene other than dialogue.

Anything in brackets, eg. [Authors Comment:], are my take on things. These are usually notes on the inspirations for a particular scene.

Any word enclosed in asterisks, eg. *you*, indicates that there is an emphasis placed on that word.

Since I think of myself as a part-time Jerry, most-of-the-time George, that's the way it's written in the stories. Sometimes the things that happen in my life happen to George, like when it's something stupid, and then other times, when it's something clever on my part, I switch, and give Jerry the line. Almost all of the rest of the things that George and Kramer say and do are my interpretation of how G and K might respond to things that the other characters say/do. Many of the clever things that Elaine says were quoted from a friend of mine, Cyndie Bolon, but the similarities stop there. Almost all include incompetent restaurant help, as this is a problem I believe we all face on a daily basis.

Enjoy the stories,

Bryan A. Thompson


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